Mathis Ersted Rasmussen, PhD student The Danish Centre for Particle Therapy and Dept. of Oncology, Aarhus University Hospital

Cand. Med. from Janurary 2021. I started my PhD two months later with Stine Korreman and Jesper Grau Eriksen as main supervisors and Jasper Nijkamp as co-supervisor.

My project is an interdisciplinary investigation of the use and benefit of auto-contouring. It consists of three studies:

1) Interactive Segmentation of organs-at-risk in head and neck cancer.

In this study, we look into how humans can provide information to AI-algorithms to improve computer-generated contours and hopefully spent their contouring efforts in a cost-effective manner.

2) ELAISA: The potential of E-Learning interventions for AI-assisted contouring Skills in rAdiotherapy

In this study, we investigate the benefit of auto-contours in a global setting. We have 90 radiation oncologists to contour four head-neck cases randomized to either manual contouring or AI-assisted contouring. We evaluate the inter-observer variability, contouring bias and contouring time.

3) PROSA-GTV: Prospective RandOmized Single-blinded Auto-contouring of GTV

In this study, we aim to evaluate the feasibility and potential benefit of using auto-contours as templates for tumor contouring in head and neck cancer in a prospective and randomized study design.