Evidence-Based Dose Planning Aims and Dose Prescription in Image-Guided Brachytherapy Combined With Radiochemotherapy in Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer

Forfattere Tanderup K, Nesvacil N, Kirchheiner K, Serban M, Spampinato S, Jensen NBK, Schmid M, Smet S, Westerveld H, Ecker S, Mahantshetty U, Swamidas J, Chopra S, Nout R, Tan LT, Fokdal L, Sturdza A, Jürgenliemk-Schulz I, de Leeuw A, Lindegaard JC, Kirisits C, Pötter R
Kilde Semin Radiat Oncol. 2020 Oct;30(4):311-327 Publiceringsdato 30 okt 2020

The last 2 decades have witnessed the development and broad adoption of image-guided adaptive brachytherapy (IGABT) combined with radiochemotherapy in patients with locally advanced cervical cancer. A variety of brachytherapy techniques and dose/fractionation schedules have been applied, and until recently, there was no strong evidence available for preferring one approach to another. However, large volumes of data have now provided high level clinical evidence for dose-effect relations for both disease and morbidity endpoints. It is therefore now possible to apply evidence based dose planning aims and dose prescription protocols in IGABT for locally advanced cervical cancer. This review gives an overview of targets/organs-at-risk and disease/morbidity endpoints which are relevant in the context of treatment planning and dose prescription in IGABT. The dosimetric and clinical evidence is summarized to support the implementation of dose prescription protocols which include hard and soft constraints for targets and organs at risk.