The steering committee

DCCC Radiotherapy has a steering committee consisting of one representative from each of the participating departments and one patient representative. The steering committee exists to ensure wide management, scientific, and clinical foundations for the activities of this centre in each of the participating departments and institutions. The presidency within the steering committee will change between the largest of the participating departments and last for 1 year at a time. 3-4 times a year the steering committee meets with the center management.

Steering committee members:

  1. Ivan Vogelius, Professor, Onkologisk Klinik, Rigshospitalet, København (chairman in 2018).
  2. Claus Behrens, PhD, Ledende seniorforsker, Onkologisk Afdeling, Herlev Hospital, Herlev (chairman in 2019).
  3. Carsten Brink, Professor, Onkologisk Afdeling, Odense Universitetshospital, Odense (chairman in 2020).
  4. Jimmi Søndergaard, PhD, Overlæge, Onkologisk Afdeling, Aalborg Universitetshospital, Aalborg
  5. Morten Høyer, Professor, ledende overlæge, Dansk Center for Partikelterapi, Aarhus.
  6. Jens Overgaard, Professor, Afd. for Eksperimentel Klinisk Onkologi, Aarhus Universitetshospital, Aarhus.
  7. Kenneth Hofland, Specialeansvarlig overlæge, Stråleterapien, Sjællands Universitetshospital, Næstved.
  8. Bent Lauritzen, Afdelingschef, Center for Nukleare Teknologier, DTU Nutech, Roskilde.
  9. John Pløen, Overlæge, Onkologisk Afdeling, Sygehus Lillebælt, Vejle Sygehus, Vejle.
  10. Susanne Hvass Aalders, Patient representative.