Vision and mission

Our vision

At DCCC Radiotherapy, we have a vision that we, in Denmark - and in the world - must treat and cure as many cancer patients as possible - and with as few unwanted side effects as possible.



Our mission

We contribute to this vision with research, evidence creation and knowledge sharing within the world of radiotherapy.

One of our important missions is to ensure that all the knowledge that is produced in our 29 different workpackages will be communicated and shared. This is both within the scientific environment but certainly also to patients and their relatives along with patient organisations etc. 

How we plan to succeed with our mission

We are committed to this mission because we wish to advocate close national collaborations where every relevant patient in Denmark will have the opportunity and will be offered to participate in clinical trials, no matter their geographic location. This will ensure that patients receive the safest and more secure course of treatment as possible, preferably close to their own home. 

As such, we carry out research to constantly improve treatment of cancer with radiotherapy in a comprehensive clinical collaboration all over Denmark. Thereby, we provide a platform for optimal use of radiotherapy based on scientific evidence. 

We wish to achieve knowledge sharing of radiotherapy research through PhD courses and workshops, annual gatherings and symposiums, and last but not least by ensuring public awareness about the progress and knowledge that is created. Public awareness is created through various webpages connected to the different scientific areas in addition to our social media channels and the media. This is because we believe that Denmark, with proper collaborations, has the potential to become one of the world's leading countries within radiotherapy.

Clinical trials

Additionally, numbers show that in 2019 less than 10% of the Danish population, who receive radiotherapy, are also part of a clinical study. Our mission is to increase this number to 50% such that half of all those, who receive radiotherapy treatment in Denmark, are also part of a clinical trial. If this is the case we believe it will assist in improving the way we conduct radiotherapy. Because the workpackage groups' hypotheses are tested in national clinical trials, we obtain new knowledge about how treatment might affect cancer survival and unwanted side effects both immediately and in the long run. Our research results can, therefore, be used to improve cancer treatment in Denmark - this is why we believe that clinical trials are so tremendously important. 

In summary, we at DCCC Radiotherapy has made it our mission to ensure that:

  • even more patients experience a successful course of treatment and survive their cancer diagnosis
  • fewer patients will experience unwanted side effects due to radiotherapy treatment, but immediately after the course of treatment and long after
  • research within radiotherapy treatment of cancer will constantly increase and improve

It is our common vision and mission that has created the foundation for this centre and of our values.