Our values

More research - better treatment - less unwanted side effects 


More research

We want to facilitate even more research within the field of radiotherapy in Denmark so that Danish radiotherapy research will remain its strong position looking forward.


Better treatment

Through radiotherapy research and talented experts, the treatment we see in Denmark shall constantly improve so that we will see even more cancer patients be cured


Less unwanted side effects

With more research and better treatment we will see even an increase in cancer survivors - and as such more patients who experience unwanted side effects due to their radiotherapy treatment both during and after the course of their treatment. 


What we work for...


We work to ensure a world where cancer does not get to decide how we, our families, our friends, and acquaintances live our lives. With this as our starting point, we wish for Denmark to become a country where we work hard to prevent exactly this. When research is successful it benefits all.

33-50% of all Danes are expected to receive a cancer diagnosis at some point in their life. Out of these, it is expected that approximately half will need radiotherapy during their treatment.

As such, radiotherapy treatment plays an important role in the treatment of cancer for many patients and their relatives. And unfortunately, cancer does not distinguish; it strikes both old and young, the man who runs a marathon each month and the easy jogger alike. Fortunately, it is still far from everyone who will receive a cancer diagnosis during their life. However, few will go through life without seeing the scary face of cancer and its consequences - whether it is up close or further out in one's circle of acquaintances. 


Sometimes cancer will take away our loved ones but it also makes people gather around a common goal: to constantly improve the treatment of and recovery after this disease.

Every day, DCCC Radiotherapy facilitated lots of research projects across Denmark. We research for all - also the ones who do not know we exist. We work for the child on the playground and the patient at the hospital. For those who have experienced cancer up close, and those who have been fortunate to never experience its ugly consequences. 


To make a long story short we work every single day to fulfil out sets of values:

More research - Better treatment - Less unwanted side effect.


If you wish to know more about the current projects in our centre, you can continue reading under research or even go find our publications.