Our values

More research - better treatment - less unwanted side effects - national collaboration


More research

We want to facilitate even more research within the field of radiotherapy in Denmark so that Danish radiotherapy research will remain in a strong position looking forward.


Better treatment

Through radiotherapy research and talented experts, treatment in Denmark shall constantly improve so that we will see even more cancer patients be cured.


Less unwanted side effects

With more research and better treatment we will see an increase in cancer survivors - and as such more patients who experience unwanted side effects due to their radiotherapy treatment both during and after the course of their treatment. 

National collaboration

The center is based on national collaboration. This means that researchers and clinicians from across the country and various professons work together with the common goal to improve radiotherapy for cancer patients. 

If you wish to know more about the current projects in our centre, you can continue reading under research or go find our publications.