The Data Science Infrastructure in Radiotherapy (DESIRE) project will enable overview and collection of all images, dose plans and other relevant information from all Danish radiotherapy departments. This will provide a unique platform for data science in radiation oncology, at a level unsurpassed internationally due to the highly standardized and homogeneous guidelines for protocols and treatment in Denmark. Danish data scientists will be able to use complete and curated data for data mining, deep learning and AI-based automation, including segmentation, dose planning, quality assurance and model-based prediction of outcome.

The DESIRE project will provide an aggregated data overview covering all radiotherapy departments in Denmark and their link to the national dose plan bank (DcmCollab), automation of data harvesting from the participating clinical departments, AI based data curation to assess quality and diversity of available data, implementation of a DcmCollab API to enable wider data access, and a data generation tool to harvest data from DcmCollab and transform it into a more general format.

The DESIRE project is launching in 2023 thanks to a generous five-year grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation.