Research in DCCC Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy plays an important role in the management of cancer, and about half of all cancer patients will have an indication for radiotherapy during the course of their disease.

The aim of DCCC Radiotherapy is to improve the treatment of cancer with radiotherapy at all Danish radiotherapy departments and utilizing access to the state-of-the-art equipment in a comprehensive clinical collaboration in Denmark. DCCC Radiotherapy is a unique national platform for radiotherapy research, operating at the highest international competitive level, while also providing an effective and vital framework for the optimal implementation of evidence-based radiotherapy in Denmark. We aim to offer participation in evidence generating clinical trials to all relevant Danish cancer patients. The trials explore indications, technology and benefit for patients through control of cancer and reduced normal tissue complications. The translational and clinical research questions involve achieving a high cure rate without risking severe morbidity. This requires better biological understanding of radiation sensitivity using genetic profiling, novel functional imaging of tumors and normal tissues, and emerging technologies like integrated MR-accelerators and proton therapy. These topics are frontline research areas also globally, where Denmark has the infrastructure and intellectual resources to take the world lead. 

A total of 29 scientific work packages have been defined covering the entire radiotherapy spectrum from biology, imaging, treatment planning and delivery to clinical trials, treatment outcomes and modeling. The treatment concepts and hypotheses generated will consequently be tested in national clinical trials and/or population-based investigations, which will lead to improved knowledge of how a specific radiotherapeutic intervention will influence outcome in the population. Patients will be involved in e.g. advisory groups and contribute in the collection of morbidity data. All Danish radiotherapy departments, the Danish Center for Particle Therapy, universities including the Technical University of Denmark, are involved, together with the Danish Multidisciplinary Cancer Groups. Given the strong scientific traditions, high-end infrastructure, multidisciplinary collaborations and solid data registries, Denmark has a special opportunity and obligation to lead the effort to consolidate and enhance the role of radiotherapy in comprehensive multidisciplinary cancer management.

Please read more about the research in the 29 workpackages. The 'National Focus Areas' covers mainly basic and translational research, the 'National Infrastructures' share facilities and knowledge to support other workpackages and 'Clinical research projects' are workpackages planning and performing clinical trials in collaboration with the Danish Multidisciplinary Cancer Groups.

Clinical research projects
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