Carsten Brink

Professor, medical physics Radiofysisk laboratorium, Odense University Hospital
Research interests

DK: Forskningsområder dækker blandt andet Radiomics (udtræk af biologisk information fra medicinske billeder) samt statistisk modellering af tumor kontrol og normalvævs skade.

UK: Research areas cover Radiomics (extract of biological information from medical images) and statistical modelling of tumour control and normal tissue damage. 

Workgroups Publications
  • Bernchou U, Christiansen RL, Bertelsen A, Tilly D, Riis HL, Jensen HR, Mahmood F, Hansen CR, Hansen VN, Schytte T, Brink C End-to-end validation of the geometric dose delivery performance of MR linac adaptive radiotherapy Phys Med Biol . 2021 Feb 12;66(4):045034 2021
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  • Brink C, Bernchou U, Bertelsen A, Hansen O, Schytte T, Hjelmborg JVB, Holloway L, van Herk M, Johnson-Hart C, Price GJ, Aznar MC, McWilliam A, Faivre-Finn C, Hansen CR Causal relation between heart irradiation and survival of lung cancer patients after radiotherapy Radiother Oncol . 2022 Jul;172:126-133 2022
  • Bisgaard ALH, Brink C, Fransen ML, Schytte T, Behrens CP, Vogelius I, Nissen HD, Mahmood F Robust extraction of biological information from diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging during radiotherapy using semi-automatic delineation Phys Imaging Radiat Oncol. 2022 Mar 7;21:146-152 2022
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