Karen-Lise Spindler

Professor Oncology, Aarhus University Hospital k.g.spindler@rm.dk
Research interests

DK: Vi arbejder med precisions medicin ved gastrointestinal cancer, her med specielt fokus på stråleterapi ved rectum og anal cancer samt klinisk anvendelse af cirkulerende DNA og andre biomarkører.

UK: We work with precision medicine at gastrointestinal cancer, especially focusing on radiotherapy at the rectum and anal cancer and clinical use of circulating DNA and other biomarkers. 

Workgroups Publications
  • Lefèvre AC, Alsner J, Sørensen BS, Tramm T, Toustrup K, Overgaard J, Spindler KG Hypoxia and local tumour control in squamous cell carcinoma of the anus - a hypothesis-generating study Acta Oncol . 2022 Jun 22;1-4 2022
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