Oktober 2020: Immuno-radioterapi

På denne side kan du finde vores indhold, som vi løbende har publiceret på vores online medier i løbet af oktober, hvor månedens fokus er immuno-radioterapi. Således kan du danne dig et overblik over hele emnet på ét sted.

I oktober er der et ekstra stort fokus på immuno-radioterapi hos DCCC Stråleterapi. Du kan læse mere om immuno-radioterapi i vores arbejdsgruppe her

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På vores hjemmeside har vi udgivet et skriv af CheckPro studiet: Randomised phase 2 trial of stereotactic body radiation therapy, SBRT of a soft tissue metastasis in combination with checkpoint inhibitors in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer – CheckPRO.

Studiet skal undersøge kombinationen af immunterapi og strålebehandling for patienter med katerations-resistent metastaserende prostatakræft. 

Læs artiklen HER.


På vores Twitter profil, @DCCC_RT, udgiver vi i oktober måned løbende facts, som omhandler immuno-radioterapi. Følg med på siden her for at få et overblik over alle vores facts om emnet.

#Fact 1

The concept of stimulating the immune system to treat cancer has a long history, but with limited success.

#Fact 2

Now #immunotherapy is the fourth modality in cancer therapy after surgery, #radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The two pioneers in this area were James P. Allison and Tasuku Honjo and for their work, they received the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 2018.

#Fact 3

Despite the unprecedented success with these checkpoint inhibitors many patients show no response, so considerable effort is underway to identify additional therapies that combined with checkpoint inhibitors could improve patient response.

#Fact 4

Agents that induce significant tumor cell killing can actually convert checkpoint inhibitor unresponsive tumors into responders. Read more about the pre-clinical study here: llk.dk/65w34m.

#Fact 5

Issues related to the importance of the type of radiation and dose, the checkpoint inhibitor, and the timing and sequencing between checkpoint inhibitors and radiation for the optimal enhancement.

#Fact 6

Immunotherapy treatments are emerging as powerful weapons to treat cancer, primarily due to the use of agents that target immune regulatory checkpoints.

Read more about immuno-radiotherapy here: llk.dk/s81vg3.