Maj 2020: Protonterapi

I maj 2020 er fokusområdet protonterapi. Du kan finde alt vores indhold fra vores online medier på denne side. På denne måde kan du let danne dig et overblik over emnet.


På vores hjemmeside, under fanen Nyheder, finder du et indlæg omhandlende den kliniske protokol, DAHANCA35, som er et nationalt, randomiseret studie af proton versus foton stråleterapi til behandling af hoved-halskræft.

Du kan læse indlægget: "Proton- eller røntgenstrålebehandling til hoved-halskræft" HER


På vores Twitter profil, @DCCC_RT, udgiver vi i maj måned løbende facts, som omhandler protonterapi. Følg med på siden her for at få et overblik over alle vores facts om emnet.

Fact #1

Fact #2

DCPT started treating patients in January 2019. So far, 148 patients have been treated.

Fact #3

The proton beam deposits most of the energy, i.e. damages the cells, in a very specific point depending on the energy of the protons.

This is illustrated by the so-called Bragg peak in a graph of radiation dose in a specific depth in the tissue.

Fact #4

Relative biological effectiveness (RBE) is the ratio of the doses required by two radiations to cause the same level of effect. In January, we had an interview with a PhD student who uses RBE in her project.

Read the interview here (in Danish):

Fact #5


Fact #6

This fact is about avoiding side effects - one of DCCC Radiotherapy's values. More research - Better treatment - Less unwanted side effects.

Fact #7

Fact #8

In the review article "Particle therapy in Europe", the basic concepts of particle therapy are reviewed along with a presentation of the current clinical indications, the European clinical research, and the established networks. Read the article here: