Education, knowledge dissemination and public awareness

An important aspect of the philosophy behind DCCC Radiotherapy is that knowledge created in the different projects will be disseminated within the research center, in the scientific community as well as to patients and patient organizations.

This will be pursued in Ph.D. courses/workshops, meetings or symposia and by creating public awareness regarding the progress using webpages, social media, and the press.           



To create awareness about the benefit of radiotherapy and the scientific progress in the DCCC Radiotherapy network.


An important aspect of the philosophy behind DCCC Radiotherapy is that knowledge from the different projects is disseminated within the research center, in the scientific community as well as to patients and patient organizations. Furthermore, input from key researchers within the field of radiation oncology is important for the high performance of the DCCC Radiotherapy network and support to affiliated Ph.D.-students.


Based on the ideas discussed within the WP15-group and feedback received by participants (professionals, DCCC representatives, and patient representative) during the Kick-off meeting, we propose that education and knowledge dissemination will take place on several levels:

Ph.D. courses/workshops to be developed for DCCC Radiotherapy, preferably in collaboration with the Ph.D. schools at the universities. Examples could be “Biostatistical modeling for Radiation Oncology”, “Imaging in Radiation Oncology Research” and “Immunology in Cancer Research”. Representatives from the Ph.D. schools at KU and SDU have expressed immediate interest, but formal discussions will await the feedback from the steering committee in the research network. Two courses are estimated within the five-year period of this project, with one course within the first three years (depending on co-financing possibilities).

Meetings for the network presenting and discussing results and progress internally. From the Kick-off meeting, the feedback was that annual meetings might not be necessary. Instead, we propose to have a one-day seminar, February 2020 and again in 2022.

Online meetings for DCCC Radiotherapy IP/WP groups. We are providing the project management tool Basecamp for sharing documents, quick info sharing and information online. Furthermore, we will aim at providing a web-meeting tool with video facilities. This was one of the prioritized features by the Kick-off participants. 

Symposia to discuss DCCC Radiotherapy results in a broader perspective. These symposia will be open to the public. Based on the Kick-off feedback, we will seek to plan one seminar within the first three years and do it in relation to DSKO/DSMF annual meeting or if possible in relation to “Folkemødet” or Danske Kræftforskningsdage in august 2018.

Create public awareness portal/instruments, allowing the public to be informed about the progress of the projects. Based on the active discussions and input from professionals, DCCC and patient representative at the Kick-off meeting we will primarily focus on a web page.

Expected results

The ambition is that we together with universities can create the courses/ workshops relevant for DCCC Radiotherapy and that the public web pages will be the obvious place for patients, journalists, politicians, and others with interest in radiotherapy to seek information.


Radiotherapy is expected to be a relevant treatment option for at least 50% of Danish patients but in reality, fewer patients are presented for these treatment options. In addition, the public knowledge of the benefits of radiotherapy is less well known in comparison to systemic therapy. The aim of the present WP is to be one of the key-players for changing this impression. Secondly, a national project like this is not possible if the researchers and clinicians across the country are not able to have meetings and share information in a quick and reliable way. If WP15 succeeds, we will be able to provide fast access to online meeting possibilities for the more than 150 involved researchers and clinicians in the DCCC Radiotherapy network.


  • Cai Grau


    Aarhus University Hospital
  • Jesper Grau Eriksen

    Professor, overlæge, PhD

    Aarhus University Hospital
  • Stine Korreman


    Aarhus University Hospital
  • Louise Laursen

    Academic Coordinator

    Aarhus University Hospital